About Us

We’ve owned and operated Garvey’s for nearly 50 years (it’s hard even for us to believe it’s been that long!) as a team of two – with a small team of staff supporting us on the shop floor.  We enjoy the stories that accompany every piece of furniture we source, and are proud to sell items that have been crafted with passion and skill.

In today’s world,  more and more people seek out the kinds of items we stock because they understand they are not simply buying furniture but investing in a piece of heritage.

Many of our customers come back year after year, and comment that they get daily enjoyment out of a piece we’ve found for them that fits perfectly in their home.  Some pieces are so loved they become heirlooms – the ultimate compliment!

We feel lucky to be in the business of bringing pleasure that lasts through pieces of quality and having ongoing relationships with our community of loyal customers.

Thank you for your support,

Patrick and Giulie Garvey.