How Valuations Work

Whether Antiques Roadshow has inspired you to dust off Grandma’s vase for a closer look or whether you need to insure your household possessions, Garvey’s can undertake a professional valuation for you.

Here’s how it usually works:
1. You phone or visit us and have an initial discussion describing what you need valuing.
2. Garvey’s will give you an estimate of the time it will take in the form of a verbal quote.
3. If you agree, together a time is arranged for you to either bring your piece/pieces into the shop or for us to visit you at a specified address.
4. Garvey’s come to you, assess the items on a room by room basis, itemising and valuing each object in a handwritten list.
5. You the customer, receive the valuation then and there and Garvey’s retains a copy for legal and archive purposes.

Garvey’s usually charge on a per item or per hour basis, plus travelling time – all depending on the size and complexity of the job. We discuss this with you in person at the time.